Periyar Eco Tourism

Nature Walk

The guided day trek

An interpretative programme offering an excellent opportunity to watch birds, butterflies and other wildlife. The trail often passes through evergreen and moist deciduous forests interspersed with marshy grasslands. One can feel nature, hear her whispers and smell her flowers through this programme. A maximum of 6 persons can go in a slot. There are two slots offered along two routes every day.

Starting time – 7.00 am & 7.30 am, 11.00 am & 11.30 am, 2.00 pm & 2.30 pm

Reporting venue – Boat Landing

Green Walk


The guided day trek

This informative trekking programme through a variety of landscapes such as grasslands, evergreen forests and moist deciduous forests is an ideal opportunity for nature enthusiasts. Listen to the myriad sounds of nature and be astounded by the sheer variety of life forms that the forests have to offer. A maximum of 6 persons are allotted to each time slot, with three slots each along two routes through the Reserve.

Starting time – 7.00 am & 7.30 am, 11.00 am & 11.30 am, 2.00 pm & 2.30 pm

Reporting venue – Near Tiger Bungalow, Anavachal

Jungle Scout


Shepherding the jungle

The programme envisages a three-hour trek during the night hours, providing a rare opportunity to observe some of the interesting night-life of Periyar Tiger Reserve, such as civets, mouse deer, flying squirrel and various nocturnal bird species, at its silent best. Visitors will also be contributing directly to protecting the buffer zone and fringe areas of the Reserve, as they travel in the company of forest watchers, and trained guides.  Visitors intending to participate in this programme are expected to have good level of physical and mental fitness, required for traveling through the wilderness at night.  Three slots are offered along 2 routes.

Slots:  7.00 pm – 10 pm, 10.00 pm - 1 am, 1 am & 4 am

Reporting venue – Entrance Gate & Bamboo Grove

Tiger Trail


Adventure trekking and camping

A unique programme conducted by a team of ex-poachers-turned-protectors of the forests. They are having extensive knowledge of forest terrain and biodiversity. Here, visitors obtain an opportunity to encounter some of the interesting wildlife of Periyar Tiger Reserve, such as Nilgiri langur, giant squirrel, elephant, gaur, sambar and, who knows, even the tiger!  The trek route covers hills and valleys with a variety of tropical plant life. Vegetarian cuisine and tents for stay will be provided during the memorable night that follows. Remember to listen to unusual and hair-raising adventure stories from your hospitable guides accompanying the team.

Visitors can either choose a 1 night / 2 days package or a 2 nights / 3 days package, with a maximum of 6 visitors in each programme.

The reporting time for the start of the programme is 8.45 am.

Border Hiking


Traversing along the mountain ridges

A conservation oriented hard trek, starting at 8.00 am and ending in the evening. The route passes through undulating terrain, ranging in altitude from 900 to 1300 MSL. Serious trekkers get an opportunity to traverse lofty escarpments and vast plains of Periyar Tiger Reserve. Gaur, sloth bear, elephant, sambar etc. are often sighted, apart from innumerable birds and butterflies. Two different routes are offered for this programme, with a maximum of 6 visitors along each route. Each group will be accompanied by one guide and a forest guard.

Reporting time : 7.45 am

Starting point : Bamboo Grove / Entrance Gate

Jungle Inn


A niche in the jungle

Jungle Inn, located in a quiet and serene location within the forests of Periyar Tiger Reserve, is custom-made for couples who want to get away from the madding crowd. Here one can experience natural calmness, tranquility and peace of mind while unearthing the mysteries of the jungle night and listening to the rhythms of the forest. Included in the package are activities such as trekking, bird watching and complimentary boating on the Periyar Lake.


Bamboo Rafting


A unique voyage across the Periyar Lake

A day-long rafting-cum-trekking programme through some of the riches forest tracts of Periyar Tiger Reserve. The programme offers a memorable navigating experience across the famous Periyar Lake. Apart from the rafting experience, one can travel through a mosaic of pristine habitats. Visitors can get an opportunity to sight elephant, gaur, sambar etc. at close quarters. A maximum of 5 visitors can go in a single raft and there are 3 rafts available per day, all of them plying simultaneously.

Reporting time – 7.45 am

Reporting venue – Boat landing.


Tribal Heritage

Tribal Heritage

tribal art performance…

Periyar Tiger Reserve is a model worldwide for the harmonious co-existence between indigenous tribal communities and forests. There are six tribal communities nestled in Periyar Tiger Reserve namely Mannans, Paliyans, Malayarayans, Mala Pandarams, Uralis and Ulladans. The Tribal Heritage tribal art performance provides an exclusive opportunity to witness the rich cultural heritage of Paliyans’ and Mannans’ tribal dances. This one-hour tribal dance performance also includes a brief introduction to the tribal communities, information on various musical instruments and costumes used for the dance performance as well as a memorable photo session with these tribal communities.

 Time  :    6.00 pm – 7.00 pm

Venue:    Vanasree Auditorium, Anavachal.

Jungle Camp

Feel the Wilderness

Jungle Camp is envisaged as a programme where visitors get an opportunity to camp outdoors in tents in the sylvan surroundings of the forest. The site is located at the river viewpoint along the banks of the Periyar river at Vallakkadavu in Periyar Tiger Reserve and nestled in picturesque surroundings.

This ecotourism package includes an orientation programme, a safari to Gavi, wildlife film shows, bird watching, trekking and a complimentary boat trip (optional) on the famous Periyar Lake. Dinner on the first day and breakfast and lunch on the second day are included in the package.

No. of tents        15 nos. (double occupancy).

Max. persons    2 nos./tent.

03.30 pm        Check in.

02.00 pm        Checkout (complementary boating can be availed after the checkout time).

Bamboo Grove

Bamboo Grove

Bamboo Grove is an eco-lodge and peaceful haven placed between bamboo thickets and is an ideal location for experiential learning.  This is a miniature habitat where man and nature can co-exist.  Bamboo cottages are nestled in a milieu of grassy downs, sedges, bamboos and stream fringed with screw pine. The Bamboo Grove package programme consists of accommodation, food, trekking, visit to a tribal village, wildlife film show, bird watching and a COMPLIMENTARY BOAT TRIP on the famous Periyar Lake.

No. of huts                 15 nos.(double occupancy).

Max. persons             2 nos./hut.

12.30 Pm               Check in.

11.00 Am              Checkout.


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