Transfer & Postings

Promotion, transfer and posting of Assistant Conservator of Forests, Divisional Forest Officers, Deputy Conservator of Forests - Orders issued . Order No. GO. (Rt) No. 488/2014/F&WLD

Movement Order

Promotion of Clerks to Senior Clerks - orders issued. Order No. E3-12111/14 Dated: 17.10.2014

Provisional Promotion, in respect of Administrative Assistant and promotion of Senior Superintendent - Promoted - Orders issued Order No. GO. (Rt) No. 483/2014/F&WLD

IFS - Transfer and Posting of IFS officers and creation of excadre post - sanctioned - orders issued Order No. GO. (Rt) No. 8024/2014/GAD

Shifting a Post of Assistant Conservator of Forests for assisting the works related to the establishment of Thrissur Zoological Park at Puthur-GO(Rt)NO.460/2014/F&WLD

Transfer and Posting of Range Forest Officers -Orders Issued Order No. D1-1597/2014 dt 18.09.2014 

Transfer and Posting of Range Forest Officers Order No. D1-1597/2014 dt 17.09.2014 

Promotion of Senior Clerks as H A Orders Issued . Order No. E3-12112/14 Dated 16.09.2014

Transfer and postings of of Deputy Range Forest Officers. Order No. E4-4341/10 Dated:12.09.2014
Transfer and Posting of Range Forest Officers Orders issued - Order No. D1 - 1597/2014 Dated 11.09.2014

Promotion of Head Accountants as junior Superintendents. Order issued .Order No  .E3-12113/14 Dated , 05/09/2014
Posting of Range Forest Officer. Order No. D1-1597/2014 dated 04.09 .2014
Temporary appointment of Deputy Range Forest Officer to the Cadre of Range Forest Officer - Orders Issued. Order No. D1 - 27438/2010 Dated 03.09.2014

IFS - Posting of 2012-2014 batch of IFS Probationers and transfer and posting of officers in the Addtional Principal Chief Conservator of Forests grade - orders issued

Transfer and Posting of Divisional Forest Officer-GO(Rt) No.389/2014/F&WLD dated 21.08.2014

Appointment by Transfer as Senior Superintendents-Transfer and Posting of Senior Superintendents-Order No.D3-19088/2014 Dated 22.08.2014

Promotion of Senior Superintendent as Administrative Assistant- GO(Rt) No.383/2014/F&WLD

Transfer and Posting of Assistant Conservator of Forests - Orders issued. GO (Rt) No.369/2014/F&WLD Dated.13.08.2014

Transfer and Posting of Range Forest Officers - erratum -orders issued. Order No. D1 - 1597/2014 Dated:16.08.2014
Transfer and Posting of Range Forest Officers - Orders issued Order No. D1-1597/2014 Dated 16.08.2014
Posting of Range Forest Officers (trainees) - Reversion of Range Forest officer appointed temporarily - Orders issued
Appointment of Range Forest Officers under Forest Apprentice (FA) Quota - Regularization of Appointment Order Issued - Order No.D1-22675/2007 Dated.08.08.2014
Transfer and Posting of Head Accountants - Order No. E3 - 12112/14 Dated 11/08/2014

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