The Western Ghat's encompassing the forests of Kerala is one of the 34 Biodiversity hot spots in the World and Kerala has close to 90 % of its vertebrate fauna.Very high levels of species diversity and endemism provide importance to the faunal wealth of Kerala.

 Faunal Wealth of Kerala
 Sl.No  Group No.of.Species
 1  Mammals  145
 2  Birds  486
 3  Reptiles  164
 4  Amphibians  85
 5  Freshwater Fishes  196
 6  Insects  4027
 TOTAL  5103

Endemic Fauna

 Fauna Endemic to Western Ghat's-Found in Kerala
 Group  Nos  Download List
Amphibians  61 Download List
 Reptiles 57 Download List
Birds 16 Download List
 Mammals found in Kerala with their endemisity and protection  Download List


  According to one estimate, 285 species of Vertebrate are reported to be endemic to Western Ghats, which include 12 mammals, 16 birds, 89 reptiles, 87 amphibians, and 84 fresh water fishes. Among large mammals, no species is endemic to Kerala. However, birds such as White breasted laughing thrush, Wayanad laughing thrush, White bellied shortwing, Southern treepie, Rufous babbler are possible endemic birds which may slightly overlap state boundaries in the southern Western Ghats.
    High diversity area like West Malaysia has only about 10 endemic snakes, whereas the South West India has about 55. Among reptiles, Cochin forest cane turtle and Travancore tortoise are endemic to evergreen forests of southern Western Ghats. Arboreal agamid genera Otocryptis and Salea and the rare endemic genus of burrowing snake, Xylophus and others of the family Uropeltidae have been accorded high conservation value.
     The monotypic agamid genus Dravidogecko is reported from Anamalais only. Thirty species of lizards are reported endemic to Western Ghats which include Calotes rouxi, Cnemaspis sisparensis, C.wynadensis and Chalcides pentadactylus. Out of 57 endemic snakes in the Western Ghats four species viz., Boiga dightsni, Melanophidum bilineatum, Plectrurus aurenus and Rhinophis fergusonianus are endemic to Kerala and adjacent forests.
      The southern Western Ghats have probably 40 species of endemic tree frogs. Among Amphibia, Bufonidae has five, Microhylidae one, Ranidae 14, Rhacophoridae four and Gymnophiona, the caecilian, five.

        Of the endemic amphibian genera of the Western Ghats i.e., Nannobatrachus, Nyctibatrachus, Melahobatrachus and Uraeotyphlus, the notable species endemic to Kerala are Melanobatrachus indicus, Nannobatrachus anamallaiensis, Nyctibatrachus, Nyctibatrachus major, N. phygameus, Uraeotyphlus malabaricus and U. menoni. Among fish fauna, species like Lepidopygopsus typus, Hysilobarbus kurali , have been reported to be endemic to southern Western Ghats. In a recent survey of the stream fishes in the Kerala segment of Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve 58 species with 25 species endemic to Western Ghats were reported from the streams in Wayanad.

Butterflies, unlike birds are restricted in distribution and about 61 species are shared endemics between Western Ghats and Sri Lanka. 

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