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Chimmony Wildlife sanctuary established in 1984 is situated in the Mukundapuram Taluk of Thrissur District. The headquarters of
the sanctuary is at Echippara which is 28 kms away from the Amballoor village in the north direction. Amballoor is 12kms away
from Thrissur town in the south direction

Location: 76º 31’ and 76º 37’ East Longitude and 10º 22’ and 10º 26’ North Latitude,

Area: 85.067

Year of formation: 1984, (GO(P)259/84/AD/25.08.1984)

Climate: Temperature varies from 15º C to 36º C. Hottest period is March – April.

Topography: Altitude ranging from 40 to 1110m. Highest peak is Punda peak (1116m)

Rainfall: Annual average rainfall is 2980mm.

Drainage: There is a dam constructed across the Chimmony river at 75 m above the sea level. Consequent to the
construction of th dam, an artificial lake has been formed with an area of 10 and 20 m depth. The
sanctuary consists of the watershed areas of Kunumali and Mupliam rivers.

Forest Types: Forest types include Tropical Evergreen Forests, Tropical Semi-evergreen forests, Moist Deciduous Forests etc.

Bio diversity: Common tree species are Palaquium ellipticum, Mesua ferrea, Cullenia exarillitia, Dipterocarpus indicus, Hopea
parviflora, Dysoxylum, malabaricum, Cedrellatoona, Bombax ceiba, Syzigium cumini, Largerstroemia lanceolata, Adina cordifolia,
Albizzia procera, alstoniascholaris, Dalbergia latifolia, Xylia xylocarpa etc.

There are 39 species of mammals, 160 sp of birds, 25 species of reptiles, 14 species of amphibians, and 31 species of fishes are
reported from the sanctuary.

The common mammals found are Tiger, Leopard, sloth bear, Elephant, Sambar, barking deer, bonnet macaque, Nilgiri Langur,
slender loris porcupine etc.

Approach: By Road – 45 km from Thrissur

Nearest Railway Station : Thrissur (48kms)

Neareat Airport : Nedumbassery – 60 kms

Accomodation: Dormitory (40beds)

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