1. Guidelines for Condemnation/Scrapping/Disposal of  Electronic/IT equipment - Modified.Order No.G.O(Ms)No.30/2021/ITD dated 01.10.2021

  2. Guidelines for Reservation of Forest Inspection Bungalows/Rest Houses

  3. Guidelines for according to Administrative Sanction by the Working Groups - Further instructions. Order No.G.O.(P)No.72/2018/FIN dated 24.04.2018

  4. Revised guidelines for the implementation in Forest Areas through Convergence. G.O(Ms)No.218/2017/LSGD dated:07.11.2017

  5. Activities that constitutes violations of provisions of Forest Conservation Act 1980 and rules made thereof and guidelines issued in this behalf, by user agencies and quantum of penalty to be imposed  - regarding common guideline to be followed by FAC/REC while considering the proposal under FC Act 1980

  6. Guidelines under Forests (Conservation ) Act, 1980 for black topping and bituminous work under Pradhan Mantri Gramin Sadak Yojana (PMGSY) using cold mix

  7. Guidelines for Implementation of Forestry Works in  Kerala Forest Department under Contract System

  8. Guidelines for using elephants for festivals - specifications of the vehicles used for transport

  9. Guidelines for Implementation of Forestry Works in  Kerala Forest Department under Contract System - Fourth Draft 

  10. Guidelines for Implementation of Forestry works in the KFD Under Contract System - Second Draft 

  11. Common irregularities/lapses observed in stores/purchase contracts and guidelines for improvement in the procurement system

  12. Revised Guidelines for sponsored research projects for all university Departments,centers and institutions

  13. Revision of emoluments and revised guidelines on other service conditions for research personnel employed in R & D programmes of the central Government Department/Agencies

  14. Guidelines for appointment of Honorary Wildlllife Wardens

  15. Revision of para 4.4 of the guidelines on Forest (Conservation) Act, 1980 regarding projects involving forest as well as Non- forest lands

  16. General Guidelines for conducting Nature Camps

  17. Guidelines for taking non-forestry activities in Widlife Habitats

  18. Guidelines for felling and removal of trees in the plantations raised by Social Forestry Wing of Kerala Forest Department

  19. Guidelines for Government of Kerala Websites

  20. Participatory Forest Management - Guidelines 2006

  21. Grassland Development Including Grass Reserve Scheme

  22. For preparation of Project Reports under the support of the State Planning Board 

  23. Guidelines for collection of Biological materials from forest areas for scientific research

  24. Guidelines for purchasing new mobile phone in place of the existing old set

  25. IMG - TVM - STP - Conduct of Training Programmes - Guidelines-  Modified  Orders Issued

  26. Revised Guidelines for the collection and utilization of the River Forest Protection Fund (RFPF) and Guidelines for running refreshment centers in ecotourism location

  27. Guidelines for the rescue and release of Snakes from human-dominated areas by certified snake handlers

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