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This app is to streamline the rescue of snakes from human habitations. It is intended to minimize threats to snakes and humans and to avoid any negative interaction between them. It also aims to create awareness among the public regarding snakes and the service they provide to the ecosystem. It also handles snake-bite cases and will help the public to find the nearest place where treatment is available.

2 Kerala Forest Ecotourism
Download the Kerala Forest Ecotourism mobile app. You can book ecotourism packages and forest entry tickets to various forest entry points. You can also use the app to buy non-timber-based forest products that the department is selling through the Vanasree Ecoshopee.
3 SPARK OnMobile SPARK OnMobile is a mobile initiative by the Finance Department, Government of Kerala for the employees whose Service and Payroll Administrative Repository is maintained in the SPARK project. This app will provide the employees with their Salary Slip view, Leave Management, Outside Duty and Compensatory Off requests, etc. Employees can use this app with their registered mobile number in SPARK.

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