State Rules


   CARDAMOM RULES (Travancore), 1935  ====> CARDAMOM LEASE RULE

Kerala Forest (Regulation of Sawmills and Other Wood-based Industrial Units) Rules,2021

Rules for allocation and occupation of Quarters under the control of Forest Department

Strengthening of the office of the Nodal Officer, Forest (Conservation) Act, 1980

Forest and Wildlife Department - Inclusion of one more class of Sandalwood as "Sandalwood Billets (with no heartwood or heartwood of less than 2cm. Diameter)" to the existing sandalwood classifications in Kerala Forest Code Vol - III - amendment to para 28 Appendix VI of Kerala Forest Code Vol - III - order No: G.O (MS) No. 47/2013 Dated: 26.04.2013

Insurance Scheme of hospitalisation benefits and personal accident benefits for the scheduled tribes and scheduled castes in the Forests of Kerala//Endorsement schedule

State - Wide implementation of Green Passport Scheme - Approved Guidelines - GO (Ms) No. 14/2013 Dated: 22.02.2013

Kerala Captive Elephant (Management & Maintenance) Rules, 2012 - Issuance of Permit for the vehicle for the transport of elephants - Circular No.9/2012 Dated: 27.12.2012

Kerala Captive Elephants (Management and Maintenance) Rules,2012

 Sutharya Keralam - Instructions for the smooth functioning - Circular Dt: 22/09/2012

Conditional Shooting of crop raiding wild Boars - Amendment order issued - Order No: G.O (M.S)No. 31/2013 Dated: 19.03.2013

Engaging elephants in temple procession - waiving certain condition in connection with Thrissur Pooram - Order No: G.O(M.S) No. 43/2013 Dated: 18.04.2013

Engaging elephants in connection with temple processions - directions issued - Circular No: 2853/D2/2013 Dated: 20.03.2013

Prevention of Forest Fire - Closing of Wynad Wildelife Sanctuary - Order No: WL4-8273/2013 Dated: 15.04.2013

Wildlife Crime Control Bureau Amendment in Prevention in Money Laundering Act, 2002 effective from 15.02.2013

Amendment to Rules 3(a) (2), 3(a) (3), 3 (a) (4) and 4 (g) of the "Kerala Rules for compensation to victims of attack by Wild animals , 1980"  - Order No: GO (MS) No. 32/2013 Dated: 22.03.2013

Kerala promotion of tree Growth in Non - forest areas Rules, 2011

Kerala Hillmen Rules, 1964

The Forest Settlement Rules,1965

Kerala Forest (Regulation of Timber transit by Waterways) Rules, 1965

The Kerala Restriction on Cutting and Destruction of Valuable Trees Rules,1974

The Kerala Forest Produce Transit Rules,1975

Kerala Private Forest (Vesting and Assignment) Rules, 1975

Kerala Forest (Preservation, Reproduction and Disposal of Trees and Timber belonging to Government but Grown on Lands in the Occupation of Private Persons) Rules, 1975

The Kerala Rules for Payment of Compensation to Victims of Attack by Wild Animals, 1980 

The Kerala Rules for Payment of Compensation to the Victims of Attack by Wild Animals,1980

Kerala Forest (Grazing) Rules, 1985

Kerala Forest Development Fund Rules, 1989

Kerala Forest (Salvaging, Collection and disposal of Drift and Stranded Timber) Rules, 1995

Kerala Forest (Regulation of Rewards) Rules, 1995

Kerala Forest (Prohibition of Felling of Trees Standing on Land Temporarily or Permanently Assigned) Rules, 1995

The Kerala Captive Elephants(Management and Maintenance) Rules,2003

The Kerala Forest(Vesting and Management of Ecologically Fragile Lands) Rules,2007 (English)(Malayalam) || Amendment 2009

Rules and regulations of the State Forest Development Agency,Kerala

Kerala Forest Service Special Rules,2010

Kerala Forest Subordinate Service Special Rules 2010

Kerala Forest (Regulation of Sawmills and Other Wood Based Industrial Units) Rurles 2012 ||  Appointment of Appellate Authorities  ||  Appointment of Authorized Authorities

Kerala Promotion of Tree Growth in Non - Forest Areas Rules 2011

Notification issued by the  Department of Animal Husbandry, Dairing and Fisheries on Livestock Importation Act, 1898

Kerala Forest Subordinate Service (Amendment) Special Rules, 2014

 KERALA Service Rules (ksr)
  • Kerala Service Rules (KSR) Vol. 1
  • Kerala Service Rules (KSR) Vol. 2
  • Kerala Service Rules (KSR) Vol. 3


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