1. How can I participate in Timber Auctions conducted by Kerala Forest Department

A person can register themselves as buyer and participate in the e- auction conducted by Kerala Forest Department by logging in the website http://www.mstcecommerce.com/auctionhome/kfd/index.jsp#popup1with supporting documents.

For House construction purposes,public can purchase quality timber without participating in routine timber auction from the following Govt. Timber Depots  namely Pathanapuram (Kollam Dt), Parampuzha (Kottayam Dt), Chalakudy (Thrissur Dt), Chaliyam (Kozhikode Dt) and Walayar (Palakkad Dt). Retail sale of timber is meant only for house construction purpose on production of sufficient proof for the same. A ceiling of 5 cu.metres is fixed for each applicant. Valid ID Proof of the buyer (PAN card, Voters ID, Aadhar card) and Building permit from Panchayat/ Municipality/ Corporation are required for the purchase.

2. How to apply for the compensation provided by the Government to victims of wildlife attacks?

A person can apply for compensation to victims of wildlife attack online by logging into the website of Kerala E District Project in the following link


A person who apply for compensation should not be included in any Forest Offences& encroachment cases, should not possess gun license, and no compensation received from any other sources

3. What is the procedure for applying for nature camps conducted inside forest areas?

Application form and guide lines for participating in nature camps are available at  http://www.forest.kerala.gov.in/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=531&Itemid=324Half day, one day, two day and three day nature camps are being organized by the Kerala Forest Department, as per the guidelines. Maximum number of participants for the nature camp should be limited as 40, including staff. Application form can be downloaded and filled in forms can be sent to the concerned officers. The applicant will be informed of the date and time of the nature camp allotted to them by the concerned officer.

4. I want to purchase good quality seedlings from Forest Department. Kindly guide me

Good quality seedlings will be available at Nurseries raised by Social Forestry wing in each districts at generally during May-June months of every year. The start of the sale from the nurseries will be advertised in media and the seedlings will be supplied at rates fixed by the Government for each year.



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