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The project "Navakiranam" – Voluntary relocation of non-tribal settlements from inside the forest is one of the prime projects of the Government under the Rebuild Kerala Initiative. The project was initiated on 14 November 2019. As of today, the scheme has been implemented in 19 Forest Divisions in the State. The scheme has been well accepted by the public, especially who were living in isolated locations inside forests and were demanding to go out on account of acute human-wildlife interference, recurring natural disasters, and poor access to amenities. The financial package for voluntary relocation will be Rs. 15 lakhs per eligible family who are having land up to 2 ha. Resident applicants are eligible for sub-units as per the approved guideline of the project.


The Status of the Project



No of family units

Amount released (crores)

Area of extent


Fully relocated families




Families given first instalment









The project also addresses livelihood status of the beneficiaries who have availed the scheme by providing training. There are 687 applications in the pipeline and 2200 applications are yet to be processed.

Honourable Minister for Forest & Wildlife in Kerala has launched an Instagram & Facebook page of "Navakiranam", on 03/03/2023. The live updates of the Navakiranam project are available at the official Facebook and Instagram.

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