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There are several beliefs and myths surrounding snakes, widespread in the country, which are misleading. Most of these myths are spread by snake charmers for their livelihood. The common myths among the people and here are the facts.

Myth                                                                                                                                                    Reality

Snakes drink Milk

Snakes drink water and generally do not drink milk. When severely dehydrated, a snake might drink any liquid available.

Snakes carry a diamond on their forehead

It is impossible for a snake to carry anything on its head. The mythological status related with snakes in India is probably responsible for this myth.

There are two heads snakes

This is a myth spread by snake-charmers, who usually burn the tail of a red sand boa and draw eyes on the tail end and show the people as heads on both sides. Manipulated fake images are spread through Social media also

Rat snakes mate with cobras.

No snakes mate with different species. Cobras often eat other snakes, but mating between a Cobra and a snake of a different species is not possible.

If one snake is killed its partner will trace you (no matter wherever you are).

Snakes do not have a feeling of camaraderie nor do they pair for life. They are not vengeful animals and are not interested in chasing or tracing people who hurt them. They do not have the necessary memory and intellect to remember people to trace them back.

Snakes remember you if you hurt them.

Snakes are not vengeful animals and do not have the necessary intelligence to remember people or places for getting revenge.



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