Wild Cardamom

Cultivated  Cardamom is a well known spice.  It is produced by a perennial  herb Elettaria cardamomum . This plant is seen in natural condition as undergrowth in the ever green and semi-evergreen forests of kerala, at medium and high elevation.  Flowers are borne during October to May and fruits ripen by June .

Wild cardamom is seen in the forests of Palakkad, Edukki, and Thiruvananthapuram districts of Kerala.  From the forests the fruits are collected and dried under natural conditions by the forest dependant communities, especially the tribals.  Wild cardamom is smaller in size and is purely in organic produce.

Apart from its use as a spice, cardamom possesses medicinal properties also.  It is often used to flavour beverages like tea and coffee. Wild cardamom is purely organic and is marketed as a “Vanasree” product.

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