Forest Management

Duties and Functions of  Principal Chief Conservator of Forests (Forest Management)

  1. Authority in discharging all functions envisaged in the Forest Conservation Act and    Environment Protection Act, except that of the Wildlife Act.
  2. To deal with all matters relating to forest protection in Kerala, in coordination with the Regional CCFs on protection matters.
  3. Authority to process and issue statutory notifications in Reserving, De-reserving, Forest areas excepting the areas under EFL.
  4. To deal with matters relating to encroachments in forests in coordination with Regional CCFs.
  5. Authority to deal with all Court cases relating to Forest areas, notifications, encroachments, regularization of encroachment and under Forest Conservation Act and Environmental Protection and defend the cases on behalf of the Govt. through Advocate General and submission of Counter in Court cases through the Govt.
  6. Authority to deal with Forest Conservation in conjunction with the Forest Policy of the Government of India as well as Government of Kerala.
  7. Authority to deal with matters relating to vested forests as per the provisions of the Kerala Private Forests (Vesting & Assignment) Act 1971 and all cases relating to vested forests.
  8. Authority to allot raw materials to industries.
  9. Authority to recommend to Govt. to fix and revise the price of forest produce and as per the provisions of the Kerala Forest Produce (Fixing of selling price) Act 1978.
  10. Authority for performing all functions under Kerala Preservation of Trees Act of 1986.
  11. Authority to recommend to Govt. to grant lease settle terms and conditions of lease and deal with all matters relating fixation of lease rent, revision of lease rent, realization of lease rent as per the provisions of the Kerala Grants and Lease Act of 1980 and all matters relating to Court cases on leases
  12. Authority to exercise control over the Timber Sales Depots and auction of timber. The APCCF (P) is the authority to deal with matters relating to timber auctions, issue of notifications and all other allied acts.
  13. Nodal Officer for dealing all matters relating to Legislature Committee, Committee on Assurance, Environment Committee and Petition Committee.
  14. To exercise control over the Law Wing of the KFD.
  15. To undertake all preventive measures in respect of Conservation of Forests through   the Regional CCFs and exercise overall control over the Forests of Kerala.
  16. To take necessary and timely action based on the reports on the Regional CCFs and other crime stoppers/ whistle blowers and Vigilance wing with respect to encroachments, cutting and removal of trees and deal with all illegal crimes committed in Forests.
  17. Authority for sandal wood protection.
  18. To carry out all functions as contemplated in the Kerala Forest Act, Forest Policy of India, Kerala Forest Policy with the concurrence of the PCCF wherever necessary as required under rules.
  19. To  do all acts assigned to him by the Govt. / PCCF / APCCF.
  20. To  carry out all functions under the RTI Act under his wing.
  21. Taking timely action as required in correspondences and submitting of compliance reports will be done by the APCCF (P).

Principal Chief Conservator of Forests (Forest Management),

Forest Headquarters, Vazhuthacaud, Thiruvananthapuram - 695 014


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