Vision & Mission


Improving and sustaining healthy living conditions through conservation of bio diversity, protection of environment, soil, water etc. and empowering forest tribes, women and other weaker sections of the society through scientific, transparent and responsible methods.


  1. To increase the inflow of water to the reservoirs by improving the tree cover / forest cover over catchment areas.
  2. To manage forests by ensuring a holistic development of the welfare of forest tribes, women and other weaker sections residing on the fringes of forests and bringing their social and economic conditions on par with the rest of the general populations in the State.
  3. To increase the productivity and resource potentials of forests in general and plantations in particular by raising their conditions to international standards.  
  4. Take Kerala to greater heights in the matter of biodiversity conservation and resource generation.
  5. Managing forests in such a way that it protects and enriches the social and cultural values of the State.
  6. Perpetuate and foster the inherent values and the cultural heritage of tribal communities.
  7. Arrest the degradation of traditional forest tracts and to regain their past glory through suitable actions.
  8. Ensure protection and expansion of mangroves, sacred groves and other highly sensitive ecosystems.
  9. Carry out baseline activities for the conservation and management of wetlands as well as other water resources for improving the aquifer and water absorption capacity of soil.
  10. Protect, conserve and improve wildlife habitats.
  11. Plant as many trees as possible in all the non forest lands as well as in other suitable areas available out side the forests to mitigate the impacts of global warming.
  12. Protect and conserve migratory birds and their habitats.
  13. Create nature conservation awareness among public through eco-tourism activities and awareness programmes.

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